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About Daily Direction

In the year 2023, Daily Direction was born with a clear vision: to empower you to build the foundation of your best life. At the heart of this vision lies a deep belief that the two main components of a fulfilling existence are mental and physical well-being.

We believe that mental and physical well-being forms the cornerstone of discovering and maintaining love, forging strong and lasting relationships, prospering economically, achieving your dreams, and living the life you aspire to.

Emil Sandbech

Meet Emil, an entrepreneur with a passion for holistic well-being. His journey began with a personal transformation, leading him to explore the depths of mental and physical health. Emil is known for his many ideas and believes in empowering individuals to lead balanced lives filled with purpose, love, and health. 

Stine Sandbech

Meet Stine, a professional football player with a passion for balance in life. Her journey began with an interest in mental and physical health, leading her to live a balanced life juggling elite sports, family, friends, and studies. Stine is known for her creative mind and kind soul, and believes in empowering individuals to achieve their best health, and live a life filled with love and purpose